How Booking Talent Happens in the Industry

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Since the dawn of time, booking talent has always been done in the following way with no improvements or evolution in the industry until this day.

  • Clients find the artist they are interested in.

  • Clients send a message or email to the artist with their booking details.

  • Artist replies with their availability.

  • Price is negotiated back and forth.

  • Payment terms are negotiated back and forth.

  • If no agreement is made, the process is repeated.

The process of discovering and booking the right artist for an event can take days at best, even weeks in many cases.

Introducing “Gigs”

Event planning just got a whole lot easier with Soul Artists new (Gigs) system. The new technology gives event planners and entertainment seekers the power to list their upcoming gig for performers and artists to apply to with a tap of their finger.

Listing Your Gigs

It's simple, all anyone needs to do is login to their account on Soul Artists and access the new (Gigs) section found on the homepage or within their profiles.

Fill-in the details of your event such as date, time, allocated budget, what type of entertainment you're looking for, and let the system do the rest.

Artists who accept the terms, conditions, and payout of a gig will start to show up on your gig page as available artists that can be booked instantly.

How Artists Apply to Your Gigs

The gigs system recognizes the relevant talent for each request and instantly sends an email and push notification to all artists that fit the requirement, artists can then review each request and apply to what they like with a tap.

Soul Artists has gone Global

International Bookings
Our new"Gigs" system allows you to send talent inquires to artists locally and internationally

Global Currency Support
You can now discover and book your talent in the currency of your choice.

Largest Talent Roster in the Region
With over 3,000 artists to choose from make Soul Artists the biggest talent pool in the region.

Stop using Facebook to find talent!

Set your requirements and price, then watch as artists start applying to your gig instantly, ready to be finalized and booked.

The Gig system is the perfect solution for event planners, venues, booking agencies, or event management companies. With Soul Artists revolutionary gig system you can now simply specify what you are looking for, and just relax as relevant and available artists will start applying to your gig.

Start booking talent on Soul Artists

Download the Soul Artists on your device to discover the right talent for your event in seconds, book them with a tap, and on the go.
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