Soul Artists reviews are one of the most important parts of your profile. 

They provide proof to potential clients that you are a trustworthy, professional musician who has satisfied the briefs of previous clients to a very high standard. 

The artists on Soul Artists who get booked most often are almost always those who have a good number of reviews.

Soul Artists Reviews

Soul Artists reviews can only be received from clients after a Soul Artists gig. They are the most trustworthy form of review and so are prioritized most highly in our musician ranking algorithm.

Once you have performed a Soul Artists gig, we send the client a series of emails prompting them to leave a review:

What clients see

Once the review has been added. The clients can then read your review on your profile which gives them more reasons to book you.

External Reviews

External reviews allow you to build up reviews on your Soul Artists profile without relying on winning bookings to gather Soul Artists reviews. 

External reviews can be added to your profile by submitting your reviews on 

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