What is the Soul Artists Service Fee?

A 15% Service fee is taken out of your quote for any paid booking provided to you through Soul Artists. 

Why do Soul Artists charge a Service fee?

We’re committed to ensuring that it is always free to sign up to Soul Artists. We also don't believe in subscription models which charge you for a service without providing you with definite gigs. This means that we only make money when we find you work. But we’re not interested in lining our pockets - the Service fee also goes into providing a better service for you. Here’s how: 

Artist Support team

We have a team of booking experts ready to take your call or speak to you on live chat, whenever you need assistance with your bookings. 

Soul Artists artist admin tools

At Soul Artists we’re building tools that drastically reduce the amount of admin work artists have to do so that they can focus on their art and performances. Features that come as standard are automatic payments and invoices, cancellation policy, deposits management, and bookings analytics on your Payments dashboard. We’ll soon be rolling out many other exciting features which will free up hours of time for artists. 

When do Soul Artists take the Service fee?

The Service fee is taken when the client secures their booking through the platform. 15% as a service fee.

How does it impact what artists are paid?

The Soul Artists Service fee does not impact what an artist will be paid. When an artist applies for a gig, the amount of money they will earn from the booking is clearly displayed, and artists are always in full control of the packages they showcase and gigs they apply to. 

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