Soul Artists is the easiest way to book artists and entertainers for your event. 

What do you do exactly?

Soul Artists is built from the ground up for artists, by artists to create the ultimate platform for performers to showcase their talent and get booked for doing what they do best.

Our goal is to provide the fastest, most seamless, and transparent experience when booking any entertainer or artist no matter where the venue. 

How many leads and bookings should I expect?

The number of gig opportunities you receive will vary depending upon your category, location, Premium-level, reviews, and a number of bookings. Generally speaking, if you are an actively booking member in good standing you will receive more gig opportunities than if you are not.

Do I have to pay for my leads as I do on other sites?

We do not charge for leads. Our model is free and allows our artists to receive unlimited leads. We make it easy for clients to discover and hire you for their events.

Are you an agency?

We are not a traditional agency. We are a peer 2 peer platform, where artists have the ability to manage their own profiles, leads, and bookings.

What types of events are booked on Soul Artists?

Our members get booked for weddings, corporate events, private parties, festivals, TV, and more.

There are 2 ways to book talent or artists for your event

Option 1 (Gig Method) - Recommended

1. Create a listing for your upcoming gig to allow multiple artists to apply for your event.

2. Fill in the details of your event by selecting the type of talent you are looking for.

3. Complete the series of simple questions to get your request out to relevant artists.

Once your gig is approved you will see dozens of artists start applying to your gigs.

3. Select the artist you want and complete the booking

Once you select the artist you like you will be prompted to complete the payment online to secure the artist for your event.

Option 2 (Packages Method)

1. Find the artist you wish to book

Select a predefined package or proceed with a custom package of your choosing

2. Fill in the details of your event

Within minutes, you’ll receive either a confirmation of the artist of either accepting or declining your request based on their availability,

3. Complete Booking

Once the artist accepts the booking you will be prompted to complete the payment online to secure the artist for your event.

What do I get as an artist?

  • A whole new network of event creators and inquiries that go directly to the talent.

  • An agency that works for you and internally recommends your band for appropriate gigs and events.

  • Free Google SEOs for your talent so clients can more easily find and book you.

  • Beautiful online press-kit that allows clients to book you directly and pay with a credit card if they so choose.

  • Instant next-day payouts on all confirmed bookings, no late payments or any funny business.

  • All artists have full control of their profile, set their own terms, pricing, etc for any booking at all.

  • Zero commission taken from the artist, our small commission is taken from the client.

  • No contracts and no strings attached.

  • Completely free with no cost.


Do you vet the artists on Soul Artists?

At Soul Artists we provide the best means of finding and booking artists, but once the artists interested in your job have applied, it is up to you to choose the performer who best matches your event. We make this as easy as possible for you: a job application from Soul Artists will include a covering note and a complete Soul Artists profile listing their images, videos, biography, reviews from past Soul Artists clients, testimonials, and references from other artists - everything you need to know to judge the quality of the artist. 

If you're still not sure, email our Bookings at department to offer you personalized recommendations.

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