Once you book an artist and they confirm your booking request, then your contact details (telephone and email) will be shared to ensure that communication is maintained in the unlikely event that the artist is unresponsive.

Can I see an artist perform live before I book them?

Though Soul Artists doesn't offer a preview service for artist bookings, some artists may be happy for you to watch them perform at one of their rehearsals or gigs. This should be arranged via Soul Artists messages or call requests, and is entirely at the discretion of the artists. Please note, the artist may ask for an additional fee if this performance is outside of their usual schedule.

Can I request a particular song from a musician?

Yes! Artists on Soul Artists are usually more than happy to perform a favorite song during a booking. To maximise your chances of matching with the perfect artist for you, make sure you include song requests in the relevant stage of the booking form. 

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