Event planning just got a whole lot easier with Soul Artists.

Event creators and entertainment seekers now have the power to list their upcoming events in order for performers and artists to apply to and quote with a tap. 

Creating a booking request

Using the (Instant Quotes) tool

There are multiple ways to create a booking request, the fastest way to do it is to use our (Instant Quotes) button found on the homepage.

Booking multiple artists on multiple dates at the same time

Using the (Instant Quotes) tool you can now select multiple artists for multiple days by just selecting the dates you require in the calendar selection, as well as selecting multiple artist types and specialties in the booking process.

Booking a single artist

Booking a single artist is easy, just navigate the artist profile you wish to inquire with and hit the (Book Now) button, then answer the questions regarding your event to complete the inquiry.

Artists Apply

As soon as your gig is approved and listed, you can just sit back and just watch as available artists apply to your gig request.

  • Applied Artists - this section will show artists that have applied for your inquiry and quoted for your requirements.

  • Shortlist - this section shows you the shortlisted artists you have selected before checkout.

  • Check out - this section takes you to the final booking confirmation and payment page.

Finalizing Your Booking
Click on any of the artists that applied to your gig to able to instantly checkout, confirm the booking, and block their date for the event.

Enjoy The Show
As soon as the payment is complete you can just relax and rest assured that your artists will arrive on time and put on an epic show. 

The Gig system is the perfect solution for event planners, venues, booking agencies, or event management companies. 

With Soul Artists revolutionary new system you will be saving a lot of time and resources finding available talent and finishing the booking process.  There is no talent booking system in the world that is faster or more efficient. Book talent with a tap Soul Artists is available on Web, iOS, and Android   

You can always reach out to us at bookings@soulartists.net for more information

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