Starting prices are displayed on your profile giving clients an idea of the minimum they should expect to pay for your performance. 

In addition, we know that artists with starting prices are more likely to receive booking requests.

How to add or edit your starting price and packages

Head to your profile page

Then click on the “Packages” tab.

Then click the "+” button or “Add a new package”


What is my starting price?
Your starting price is defined as your typical minimum rate for your performance.

I have multiple package options; how do I give a starting price?
Your starting price should be for your primary package. Adding additional packages for smaller or larger performances is recommended to give clients a better understanding on what you can offer as an artist.

Why is there a minimum starting price?
We’re committed to making sure that artists on Soul Artists are always paid fairly and cannot be undercut by other artists charging unreasonably low rates. You have complete control on how much you would like to price your packages for.

Will adding starting prices result in only the cheapest artists being booked?
No - we’ve found that for most clients, the quality of the artist is more important than the price. That said, seeing the price of an artist may help them come to a decision when comparing artists of a similar quality. 

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