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Enrolling in Soul for Business gives bigger discounts on all your talent bookings throughout the year, this is essential in driving your sales and improving your bottom-line earnings. Who wouldn't want a kickback on their entertainment spendings?

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is this a one time payment? 

  • Yes, this is not a recurring fee. Pay once and get all the package benefits valid for the whole year. 

How long is the package valid for? 

  • The packages above are valid for (12) months from the date of purchase. 

Can I upgrade my package?

  • Yes, you can upgrade your package at any time, credits remaining from your previous package will be transferred to your new one.

Can I downgrade my package?

  • You cannot downgrade your package unless your existing package has expired.

Is the discount applicable for the whole year?

  • Yes, if you are a package holder, then all talent booked from Soul Artists will be discounted no matter where and when your bookings takes place.

Can I cancel or refund my package purchase?

  • Unfortunately packages cannot be cancelled or refunded, they simply expire after a year from purchase.

Will I be able to use these benefits on holidays, NYE, etc.? 

  • Absolutely, the package benefits and discounts are valid for all days and holidays.

What is your usual fee when booking talent? 

  • Soul Artists takes a fixed 15% commission on all talent booked. If you have a package the discount rate will apply on the total cost of the booking.

Who sets the artists prices. 

  • All the prices that you see are set by the artists themselves.  

Does this apply to international bookings? 

  • Yes, the package benefits are applicable for all talent booking services, local as well as international.

Is it worth it?

  • Absolutely, with Soul Artists for Business packages you will be able to hire talent at a lower cost, which saves you money. In addition to benefiting from all the other services, such as Booking Security, Booking Guarantee, Dedicated Account Manager, and more.

What does Free Acts mean? 

  • Free Acts mean, that with you will have credit with Soul Artists to hire talent up to a certain amount based on your package. 

Example: Buying  a Pro Package entitles you to AED 8,000 worth of talent, this can be instantly redeemed to book artists worth AED 8,000 with these credits. If the artists you are booking exceeds the cost covered by the credits, you will only need to pay the remaining amount.

How many artists can I book with the free acts?

  • You can book as many artists as you want for your events. Once your credits are done, you will still be entitled to the fixed discounts for the whole year.

Whats the catch? 

  • No catch, the packages are just that good, its a win-win situation for both you and Soul Artists. The packages give us more booking volume and it gives you a bigger discount and a dedicated team of talent booking experts.

Is there any risk? 

  • The packages are risk free, we do not bind you in any way, we only have a simple contract which states which package you own. 


Worry-Free Guarantee

Booking your talent through Soul Artists offers you extra convenience you can't get anywhere else. You can rest easy knowing that your payment is secure, and we'll have your back in the event of any issues that may occur. This is our Worry-Free Guarantee!

Fair and Transparent  Pricing 

Soul Artists charges a fixed and industry low booking fee of a 15%.  Making booking talent more appealing and accessible to everyone. Many of our artists even lower their rates to allow our clients to make more profits and increase their booking sizes. 

Complete security

Any payment you make through Soul Artists is 100% secure. Our technology acts as an escrow service between you and the artist topped with bank-level security for all credit card transactions. We never store your card or bank account information, making your payments completely secure and safe. Additionally, we use https across the whole site, have a firewall on all our servers, run quarterly security audits, and maintain PCI compliance.

Payment protection

In the unlikely event that an artist cancels or does not show for your event, we can ensure you will receive a full refund for your booking, or find an immediate replacement.

Instant Support

Soul Artists offers 24/7 chat and phone support with our booking experts, helping you choose the right talent for your event, creating concepts and choreographies, brainstorming ideas, or offering on-site support for talent.

Amazing Service

If there are any other concerns, problems, or issues with your Soul Artists experience, our amazing customer happiness team will be glad to help you. From the first quote request to the final booking, we will be there every step of the way. If your artist cancels on you, we will do everything in our power to find a replacement as quickly as possible. We want to ensure your event is truly unforgettable .

To sign up or setup a meeting simply email
Or call +971 56 113 8886 / +971 55 847 5105 

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