The Soul Artists brand is more than just a company logo. It's a set of values, attributes, and design principles that reflects the spirit of our company. Using it consistently will ensure your clients that booking through Soul Artists is a professional and secure service.

Logos and Color Palettes 

Don't combine the Soul Artists name or logos, or any portion of any of them, with any other logo, company name, mark, or generic terms. Don't edit, modify, distort, rotate, or re-color the logo.

You may use the Soul Artists logo to help promote your artist presence on your Facebook, Instagram, or webpage.

Always use a clear call to action that communicates your presence (for example, “Book me on Soul Artists”).

Things to consider

When using our name, logo and product screenshots.

Name & Spelling

Whenever you mention us, please make sure you spell our name right. The correct word is Soul Artists and any other use case is wrong (e.g. Soul, Sol, SA, etc). Thanks!


Please don’t use our name or logo in any way that might imply sponsorship or affiliation without our permission. Also, don’t include them as part of your product, service, trade or domain name.


When using our product screenshots don’t put overlapping elements, text or any non-Soul Artists user interface components on top. Please don’t change the colors, desaturate or blur the images.

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