Soul Artists Live is our streaming service designed to empower artists and the planet by getting them featured doing what they love and sharing happiness.

What Soul Artists Live Is

A live broadcast of featured performing artists with pre-recorded performances showcasing their talent around the world, one tree is planted for every streamer to push against climate change and habitat loss.

How to get featured on the stream

• Submit a high-quality video link of your act to

• Video quality should be in 720p or 1080p resolution (Widescreen/Landscape mode).

• Your video should include you saying a positive message to the world.

• Do not use any logos or overlays in your video, we will add them for you.

• Your video should premier on the stream.

• Your video should not be posted on social media until after the stream.

• Entertain and put on a show!


• HD stream at 60fps.

• 100% of tips are divided equally among streamers.

• Instant next-day payouts.

• One tree planted for every streaming artist.

• Quality production standard and live feed management

Tips on making a good video

• Make sure you upload your video in the highest pos

• If using a phone, use the rear-facing camera as it usually provides better quality.

• Use a tripod or object for the camera to keep the image stable.

• Ensure that your microphone is in a quiet area to avoid picking up unwanted background noises.

• Make sure to adjust your lighting to best suit your camera and act.

• Look your best but be yourself and do what you love to do.


What is this stream about?

Soul Artists Live is a bi-weekly stream that will be happening every Saturday, it's purpose is to promote artists doing what they love from their homes while providing a quality experience for viewers.

How is this stream different than others?

We plant a tree for every artist streaming, helping art push against climate change and loss of habitat.

All participating artists also keep 100% of the tips, equally divided.

What kind of artist or performer do I need to be to participate?

All kinds of performing arts and crafts are welcome including musicians, DJs, dancers, circus artists, comedians, flow artists, magicians, art creators, and variety acts.

Is this a paid gig?
This is not a paid gig in the traditional sense, but viewers will have the option to send tips to the artists during the livestream. All tips get paid out transparently and equally among the performers, no agency fees, no hidden expenses, paid out the next day!

What will I get if I stream with you?

Free marketing, money tips from viewers, and we plant one tree for every artist's participation.

Oh cool, where do you plant the trees?

We plant them in the Amazon basin through our partner

I'm convinced, what do I need to do?

Just register below and someone will be in contact with you.

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