(Soul Artists Turns 5 Giveaway)

Soul Artists is celebrating its 5-Year Anniversary and giving away $1,000 in our social media competition to generate as many likes as possible for yourself.

The artist that can generate the most likes by October 15th wins!

(Giveaway Prizes)

1st Place - $1,000 in cash and a 1-Year PRO Membership (worth $650)

2nd Place - 6- Month PRO Membership (worth $325)

3rd Place - 3-Month PRO Membership (worth $160)

(Entry Rules)

  • Post your favorite picture on Instagram or Facebook with the following caption

    • (Book me on @soul_aritsts) - make sure you tag us to confirm your entry.

  • Include the hashtag #soulturns5 in your post.

  • You can create as many posts as you want until the giveaway ends, your total number of likes from your Facebook and Instagram tagged posts will be added to your total score.

(Terms and Conditions)

  • Your post content must be you performing your art type, nudes, selfies, and content that does not include your performing art will not be considered.

  • Only entries from artists that are signed up and approved on www.soulartists.net will be considered.

  • Only posts after the 5th of September will be considered in the giveaway.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What do the posts need to include?

A picture or a video of you performing your art type with the caption (Book me on @soul_artists) - any posts that don’t showcase your talent will not be considered.

  • Is this another cheap scammy giveaway that ends up giving nothing?

Absolutely not, we will be posting the winner on October 15th on all our social media, and remain true to our word, the prize money is real!

  • How will I receive the money if I end up getting the most likes?

We will send the money to the winner's preferred bank account, regardless of where they are in the world, if a bank account is not available we will be making the transfer via Western Union. *Transfer fees will be deducted from the prize for winners outside the UAE.

  • Can I participate in this giveaway if I am not a registered artist on Soul Artists?

Unfortunately not, this giveaway only applies to approved artists on www.soulartists.net - if you are an artist however and you would like to register you can do so by following the guide below:

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