When receiving booking inquiries on your Soul Artists account you will have the option to either approve the booking and quote the client accordingly based on their requirements or decline the booking inquiry.

You can see the video below that will explain how things work.

Step 1 (Accessing your booking)

Open the booking request you received through your Soul Artists app notification or the email link associated with the booking request.

Step 2 (Taking Action)

Review the booking details carefully and navigate to the bottom of the page in order to see the actions you can take in regard to the booking, possible actions to be taken are as follows:

  • Quote Client - this section allows you to quote the client.

  • Accept Booking - select this if you approve the client's budget and event details.

  • Not Interested - select this if you are not interested or unavailable for this gig.

Step 3 (What Happens Next)

Once you have taken action on the inquiry, the client will be instantly informed and will have the option to complete the payment. Once the payment is complete the booking is confirmed and you will be obliged to perform in accordance with the booking requirement and agreement.

For further support, you can reach out to us at bookings@soulartists.net

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