Editing your quotation

Based on your discussion with the client you can edit the quotation directly from the messenger at anytime prior to the client making the payment.

Just click on the (Edit quotation) button on the right side to change your quotation. (A box will expand and show you the current quotation and give you the option to change your quote).

Once you change your quote, you must add the reason for changing your rate. After that just click confirm to send the new quote to the client.

**Upon changing your quote, the client will receive an automated message that the rate has been changed and is presented with the option to complete the payment to secure the booking and confirm you for their event.

Why use the messenger

Using the Soul Artists messenger is the best way to communicate with the artist prior to confirming your booking.

What about the App?

The Soul Artists App is available on iOS and Android. You can download the apps through the links below:



The use of this messenger is subject to Soul Artists terms and conditions

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