What is the Messenger used for?

Soul Artists Messenger is a chat communication feature that allows artists and clients to communicate with each other prior to finalizing a booking.

What can I do in the Messenger?

Soul Artists Messenger allows you to speak to clients, change your quoted price, and attach photos and images to help a client make a decision on finalizing a booking inquiry.

Can I use the Messenger after a booking has been confirmed?

Yes absolutely, you can use Soul Artists Messenger to communicate with clients even after the booking has been confirmed, we recommend using Soul Artists Messenger for the duration of the booking as any communication will be endorsed by Soul Artists Support team in the unlikely case anything goes wrong.

Can I communicate with the client/artist after the event has ended?

Unfortunately not, once the booking is completed you can no longer use the Messenger to communicate with the same client unless they place a new booking request for you.

Are there any rules when using the Soul Artists Messenger?

Yes, you should avoid the following violations in order to avoid having your account suspended or terminated.

  • Inappropriate or aggressive language and communication, or spam.

  • Sharing personal information or links that redirect Soul Artist's clients outside the platform.

  • Sharing inappropriate images, links, or attachments with the client.

Keep your conversations inside Soul Artists for a safe and optimal booking experience.

What about the App?

The Soul Artists App is available on iOS and Android. You can download the apps through the links below:



The use of this messenger is subject to Soul Artists terms and conditions

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